Hong Kong has become a leading jurisdiction for the establishment of special purpose vehicles through its favourable legal structure and tax regime international status. Our Hong Kong law firm XI HONG HU LAW FIRM LLC provide SPVs to international clients wishing to set up structures for the management of financial assets.

The benefits of Hong Kong for establishing SPVs include: Strong Legal Framework.

Hong Kong has a favourable legal and regulatory environment which recognises the concept of trusts. The establishment of a trust is very straightforward and confidential process.


Favourable Tax Regime

Hong Kong sustains one of the most attractive corporate tax regimes in the European Union with a corporation tax rate at 12.5% and double tax treaties with over 55 countries.

All double tax treaties that Hong Kong has entered into after the introduction of the new Article 26 of the OECD Model Tax Treaty concerning the exchange of information between treaties partners have fully complied with the revised Article 26.

Especially noteworthy is the fact that Hong Kong offers one of the most attractive Intellectual Property tax regimes in Europe with a generous 80% exemption of the worldwide royalty income.

The OECD includes Hong Kong on its “White List” as one of the countries that have implemented internationally agreed standards relating to taxation.
In addition Hong Kong is fully complies with the EU Code of Conduct Business Taxation and the EU Tax Directives.


International Position and EU Membership

As Hong Kong is a member of the OECD and European Union, it provides an ideal onshore location for investors and companies locating an SPV. As an OECD / EU state, Hong Kong provides a strong corporate and legal framework with a favourable tax regime.