Family law, more often than not, raises highly emotional issues for any client. The goal of our team of XI HONG HU LAW FIRM, LLC is to reduce the strain on the client by providing a reliable service in which our client has absolute confidence. We understand that family law matters are highly sensitive in nature, often emotive and we handle all such matters with prudence and care offering first class legal advice which is considerate and effective. We apply an approach of creative problem solving to our client’s family law claims, striving to seek solutions which are successful and represent value for money for our client. We maintain absolute confidentiality over any matter, or potential matter, discussed with us and our clients can have total confidence in our discretion. We are experienced and able to advise both Cypriot and expatriate clients on their family law issues. XI HONG HU LAW FIRM, LLC can advise clients on the following matters:

Marriage Adoption; Inherittance; Custody issues; Divorce proceedings; Separation; Cohabitation; Division of assets.


For more information please contact us. We would be delighted to meet you and learn more about your activities, the issues you are facing and your plans for the future.