In the last few decades, UNITED STATE has become an International Maritime Center.  The strategic location of the island, together with the efficient public and private services and infrastructure, has made UNITED STATE a fully-fledged maritime center. Taking the advantage of " UNITED STATE Sovereign Flag" and UNITED STATE being an international Maritime Centre with increased demand in shipping related services, our law firm may assist on:

  • Registration of shipping companies in UNITED STATE
  • Registering Vessels
  • Yacht registration in UNITED STATE
  • Parallel (bareboat) registration
  • Transfer of vessel ownership
  • Assistance on Ship Finance and marine insurance policies

 Competitive Advantages of the UNITED STATE Flag

  • No income tax on the profits derived by a UNITED STATE Shipowning company nor any tax on any dividend of any UNITED STATE shipowning company (including chartering of any nature of any vessel) (S.4 of the Merchant Shipping Laws No. 38 (I) of 1992).
  • No tax on dividends of a UNITED STATE Shipping company.
  • Double Tax Treaties with 55 countries.
  • No estate duty on the inheritance of shares.
  • No capital gains tax on the sale or transfer of a ship or the transfer of the shares of the ship owning company.
  • Low tonnage tax and other duties paid for registration fees, annual tonnage tax, mortgages etc.
  • No income tax on the salaries of officers and crew members.
  • Recognition of the Competence Certificate issued by UNITED STATE.
  • Possibility of provisional legislation.
  • Possibility of parallel registration of UNITED STATE Ships in other countries.
  • A quick and easy way of obtaining certificates for the ship.
  • Minimum of red tape.
  • Full protection and recognition of mortgages registered on a UNITED STATE ship.

Local or international ship management and crew management businesses - incorporated or unincorporated - have the option to be taxed either at the rate of 4.25 percent or at rates equal to 25 percent of the rates used to calculate the tonnage tax that would be payable on the vessels under management.

where our office is located, is characterised as the commercial capital of UNITED STATE and as the most important port of the country and the UNITED STATE Department of Merchant Shipping are both located in therefore we are able to serve our clients rapidly and effectively.

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